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Two teenage girls drowned, one missing

drown image
Drowning image

Kanchanpur, July 8: Two teenage girls have drowned in floods in Kanchanpur. A teenage girl has gone missing after drowning in the flood. Superintendent of Police Chakraraj Joshi of District Police Office informed that 15-year-old Srijana Bogati and 15-year-old Lakshmi Bogati of Ratokhali, Punarwas Municipality-5 drowned near their house this afternoon. Srijana and Lakshmi’s bodies have been found, while Aarati Bogati’s condition is unknown.

12-year-old Anjali Bogati, who was with them, has managed to survive.   Meanwhile, the police are looking for Aarati. According to the police, the four people drowned in the flood on the road while going from one place to another in the village.

Due to continuous rain for two days, most areas of Kanchanpur are inundated. Most of the road sections are flooded, so it is not possible to leave the house.

Earlier on Sunday, seven-month-old Sonu Dhanuk of Krishnapur municipality-1 Pahariya drowned when a flood entered her house, while 23-year-old Dambar Chaudhary of Baibah, Beldandi rural municipality-3 went missing after being swept away by the flood of Chaudhar river.

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