•      Mon Apr 22 2024

United States hands over $1.2M Dhanusha Birthing Center to promote expanded health access

Janakpur- March 29 : A new chapter in maternal and infant healthcare began in the Dhanusha district of Nepal with the inauguration of the $1.2M Dhanusha Birthing Center. Funded by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) and built by the people of Nepal, the center will be a critical health resource for thousands of women and infants in the Janakpur area.

The Madhesh Institute of Health Science in Janakpur, Dhanusha District, Madhesh Province will operate the birthing center. The institute is a government medical educational organization and works in conjunction with the Janakpur Provincial Hospital. This expansion is a direct response to the serious public health challenges Nepalis in the region are facing with regard to maternal health. The new Birthing Center will expand the province’s access to basic health services by adding over 72 beds to the hospital.  The center is equipped to handle a high volume of patients and is staffed by a team of dedicated government healthcare professionals committed to improving maternal and infant health outcomes in the region. Through this initiative, the center aims to become a model of excellence in maternal and infant care in Nepal.

“The Dhanusha Birthing Center stands as a testament to our commitment to maternal and infant health in Nepal,” stated U.S. Ambassador to Nepal Dean R. Thompson. “With its doors now open, it promises a new era of improved healthcare access aiming to significantly reduce the risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth. This facility is more than just a structure; it represents a commitment to protect the well-being of Nepali mothers and their newborns for generations to come.”

The center’s impact extends beyond childbirth, promising to enhance post-natal and neonatal health and contribute to the reduction of infant mortality rates. It is another great example of the great partnership between the United States and Nepal over our 76-year friendship.

This is the second birthing center supported by the United States’ DOD in the past two years. The United States committed a total of $1.2M to also establish the Birthing Center in Morang, which was completed in 2022, has 72 beds, and serves thousands of women. #nepal