•      Thu Sep 28 2023

15,000 livestock vaccinated in Udayapur

A lumpy skin disease infected calf in Sunsari, 2023. (file photo)

Udayapur, Sept 1: As high as 15,000 livestock have been vaccinated against lumpy skin disease in eight local levels in Udayapur district.

Chief of District Veterinary Livestock Service Office, Ram Narayan Sah, shared that 95 per cent of the total vaccines were given to cow and ox, and five percent others were vaccinated to buffaloes in those eight local levels.

Sah said that the highest number of vaccines were used to vaccinate the livestock in Triyuga Municipality. So far, the Office vaccinated 60 per cent of the total livestock in the district, Sah added.

Since the outbreak of lumpy skin disease in the district in April, around 600 animals died and 20,000 plus livestock have been infected, Sah shared.