•      Fri Dec 1 2023

387 vultures found in Pokhara and surrounding areas

Pokhara, Sept 21: Three hundred and eighty-seven vultures were found at Pokhara and its surrounding areas, according to a vulture census recently conducted by Pokhara Bird Society.

The Society has been conducting vulture census in Pokhara and its surrounding areas in every 10 years.

Society Chairperson Manashant Ghimire told RSS that vultures were counted at surrounding areas of Pokhara—Ghachowk, Pumdibhumdi, old and new landfill sites, Dobhilla as well as Shishuwabhateri, of Byas municipality-10 and Cow Conservation Centre of Shuklagandaki municipality of Tanahu, Damauli-based landfill site this year and 387 vultures were found.

The vultures are on the verge of extinction due to encroachment in their habitat in recent period.

The habitat of vultures is at the risk due to rampant urbanization at surrounding areas of Pokhara. Ghimire added that a large number of vultures were used to be found at different places of Pokhara including Chauthe, Majheripatan, Biruwa and Gairikhet around 15-16 years ago, but now the vultures have been disappeared from these places.

Different studies carried out in Nepal show that the number of vultures us decreasing in last two decades.

Researchers said vultures are on the verge of extinction due to use of diclofenac, the anti-inflammatory medicine fed to cattle.