•      Thu Sep 28 2023

Air flights resume at Simkot Airport after five days

Humla Airport (file photo)

Humla, Aug 26: Air flights, which were disrupted due to thick fog following incessant rainfall, has resumed in Humla district after five days.

Air flights in mountainous districts of Karnali including Humla were disrupted from Monday due to bad weather in the wake of incessant rainfall.

Station Manager of Summit Air, Humla, Govinda Lama, said Summit Air made the first flight to Simkot from Nepalgunj this morning with clear weather in the district.

Private airlines companies have become able to make flights from 10:00 am today. With the resumption of air service, it has become easier to passengers entering and exiting the district as well as the ferry of daily essential goods, construction materials, food stuffs.

Chief of Simkot Airport, Mahendra Singh, shared that Summit Air, Sita Air and Tara Air had operated flights at Humla from Nepalgunj.