•      Sat Sep 23 2023

Call to release comedy artist Apoorva Kshitiz Singh

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Kathmandu: In a meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) today, CPN (UML) Chief Whip Bishal Bhattarai said none should be arrested just for the presentation of comedy art.

Comedy artist Apporva Kshitiz was apprehended for his comedy, he said, demanding his prompt release.

“Some may feel hurt upon the comedy presentation, but the arrest on the basis of same artistic presentation is not justifiable,” he asserted.

The lawmaker from the main opposition party accused the government of taking decision with long-term consequences and transferring employees when the voting for the elections of the House of Representatives and the Province Assembly has been already announced.

The employees’ transfer is capable of having its impact on the election, he said, arguing the government to immediately cease such moves, according to him.

Samina Hussain said cessation of demarcation of land has its implications on farmers in the Tarai Madhesh as they are not able to seek a bank loan by using land as collateral to afford the education of their children.

She demanded the government immediately address the issue.

The lawmaker also expressed her concern over the band facing women to go for foreign employment, assessing the practice as the discrimination against women.

Laxman Lal Karna apprised the House that employees of Additional Postal Services remain non-paid, demanding the government provide minimum remuneration to them.

Bimala Bishwakarma drew the government’s attention to addressing the issues of agitating landless people in Jhapa.