•      Wed Dec 6 2023

CIAA issues 22-point directive to govt for effective project management

CIAA Head Office

Kathmandu, Nov 2: The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has issued a 22-point directive to the government bodies for scientific and objective budget making with proper planning and prioritization of projects so that limited resources in the country would be leveraged most and high gains ensured.

Issuing a special appeal on Thursday, the anti-graft body urged the Office of the Prime Minister, Finance Ministry, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, National Planning Commission, Offices of all seven Chief Ministers to ensure transparent, competitive and qualitative public procurement in course of budget enforcement

The Financial Affairs and Planning Ministry, and Planning Commission at provincial levels and all 753 local levels have been requested for the implementation of the directive. They are also asked to furnish information to the commission about the enforcement of the directive.

Project managements must be smooth with the guarantee of maximum result. Quality, time, cost must be in consistent each other. The Financial Accountability Act and its regulation must be implemented effectively for effective project management.

The CIAA has suggested the government that it reviewed multi-year projects which are approved by the Finance but not come into operation. A list of such projects can be made public district-wise, citizen’s concern over these addressed. Also, the government is suggested to set standard on approving the project of national pride and strategic projects of high priority.

The duplication and overlapping of projects in the federal, provincial and local levels must end, CIAA reminded, adding that federal government should not launch small projects.