•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Government preparing to launch vaccination drive for measles

Ministry of Health and Population

Kathmandu, Aug 17: The Ministry of Health and Population has prepared to launch the vaccination campaign against measles and rubella in the entire 77 districts across the country within the current fiscal year.

The campaign aims to meet the government target of eliminating measles from the country by 2026.

In view of the ongoing preparations for the nationwide campaign against measles, the Child Health and Immunisation Section, the Department of Health Services has already written to the GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance, asking for the logistic management to undertake the campaign. It has demanded 9.7 million doses of vaccines, according to section chief, Dr Abhiyan Gautam. He added that the GAVI had responded the call for the vaccines support positively.

According to him, 21 districts adjoining with India and three districts in the Kathmandu Valley have been assessed as highly vulnerable districts in view of the measles infection. Nepal Demographic Health Survey-2022 states that 80 percent children in Nepal are vaccinated against measles.

Though the government initially had set a target of eliminating measles by 2019 and it was subsequently postponed for 2023. The second target was affected by COVID-19, mandating the government to reschedule it for 2026.