•      Mon May 27 2024

‘Had not imagined to be PM’: PM Oli

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Kathmandu, Sept 26 : Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has reminded that he had never imagined to be the PM, but involved in the political movement with the belief that country could be changed.

Releasing a book, ‘Chhayako Laskar’ penned by Professor KR Khumbu based on leftist political history and the life of leftist leaders on Thursday, PM Oli further said he had thought he could be finished at any time for his involvement in political movement.

He expressed happiness that the significant changes as new constitution along with federal republic and unification among communist parties were realized during the life.

The PM argued that such achievements were made due to the organized and aware efforts in the party-less panchayat system.

“I had imagined happy future of the country, but not anything about myself,” he remembered and expressed thanks to the writer for the latter included the some revolutionary poems and songs written during those days of underground politics.

The book has finely discussed the activities of the PM and NCP Chairman Oli and his colleagues during the time of underground politics.

Critic Dr Janggab Chauhan observed that the book was a remarkable political document reflecting tough time of the communist party’s history.