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Jhulaghat custom office records zero export

Baitadi, Sept 4, 2019: Although the Mahakali Custom Office of Jhulaghat at the Nepal-India border here recorded the import of Rs 550 last year, the export was zero.

Chief of the Custom Office, Ramraj Prasad Chaurashiya, informed that there was no export for lack of products and commercial farming.

Similarly, Vice President of the District Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Khima Nanda Bhatta, said there were no exportable products. Agricultural products have declined much. Its sheer indifference of the government, he blamed.

Meanwhile, the Custom Office failed to collect the revenue as per expectation last year. Although it had the target of Rs 19 million, it collected only Rs 9 million in revenue.

The locals at Jhulaghat have decided to put pressure on the government to construct a motorable bridge, which would help transport products.

A struggle committee coordinator Nara Bahadur Chand informed that they were planning a relay hunger strike as a pressure campaign to draw government’s attention on the need of motorable bridge at Jhulaghat.

For lack of the motorable bridge, the economic activities in the hilly districts of the Far West are badly hampered, he added.