•      Sat Dec 9 2023

Karnali Province see dengue cases due to climate change

karnali province lawmakers
Karnali province (file photo)

Jumla : With the rise of mercury in mountainous region due to climate change, dengue cases have been detected.

According to Province Health Service Directorate, Surkhet, a total of 40 dengue patients have been detected in Humla, Jumla, Mugu and Dolpa so far this year.

Dengue Control Source Person and vector control officer of the Directorate, Shyam Lal Acharya, said mountainous region is becoming favourable for lifecycle of mosquito.

“Mosquito larva were found in Khatyang of Mugu two years ago and dengue patients were detected. Cases of dengue has started increasing here after mountainous region is becoming favourable for life cycle of mosquito”, he mentioned.

A dengue patient was found in Humla, nine in Dolpa, eight in Mugu and 22 in Jumla this time, according to the Directorate.
Senior physician of Province Hospital, Dr KN Poudel, pointed out that climate change is the main reason behind the dengue cases in mountainous region.

Acharya requested all to adopt precaution as dengue-carrying mosquitoes are active till mid-October. There are now 441 dengue patients in Karnali Province.