•      Tue Dec 6 2022

Kathmandu metropolis committed to managing street dependent people

Kathmandu Metropolitan Mayor Balendra Sah and Representatives from Manav Sewa Ashram discuss on constructing new destitute rescue center in Kathmandu. (Photo: Mayor Shah)

Kathmandu: Kathmandu Metropolitan City has stated that it is committed to the management of street dependent people (helpless, destitute).

The Mayor of the metropolis, Balendra Shah, has promised that the metropolis has been working on the management of street dependent people in the past and will continue to work effectively in the future as well.

A discussion was also held between the metropolis and the Manav Sewa Ashram on Monday in this regard where Mayor Shah promised to continue this work with more effectiveness.

In the planning and review meeting for the management of street dependent people, Mayor Shah said, “Kathmandu Metropolitan City is committed to the rescue and management of homeless people, for that we are cooperating with the Ashram and we will continue the work effectively.”

Ramji Adhikari, President of the Ashram, said that efforts are being made by all three levels of governments to cooperate. However, the support was very little, he said.

An agreement was reached in the past regarding the construction of the Mahanagar Manav Sewa Ashram at Nagarjuna municipality from the financial resources of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The meeting has decided to request the municipality to proceed with the process as the ownership of the land for the construction of the Ashram building at Nagarjuna-6 is yet to be transferred from the Government of Nepal to the municipality.

Similarly, the ambulance service operated by the Metropolitan will be used to rescue people from the streets and public places and take them to the Ashram or hospital and to bring and take the people in the Ashram to the hospital and the ambulance service hotline number 102 will be used to get information about the condition of street dependent people.

Similarly, it is said that there has been an agreement between the metropolis and the Ashram on the issue of taking necessary measures to solve the problem of drinking water in the Ashram and meeting and solving other problems in a coordinated manner.

The Ashram has so far rescued more than 1,700 people from the streets of the metropolitan city. Family reunification of 453 people has been done. Currently, 213 people are getting service in the Ashram.