•      Thu Nov 30 2023

Madhes province government to pile pressure on federal government for rights

Madhes Province Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav. (file)

Janakpurdham, Nov 6: The Madhes province government has announced protest programmes against the federal government, demanding the implementation of concurrent powers of federal and province, and provincial powers as stated in the Constitution of Nepal.

An all-party meeting summoned by Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav and also attended by other ministers on Monday decided to organize protest programmes to pile pressure on the federal government demanding the implementation of the constitutionally enshrined rights, Home Minister of Province Mohammad Samim said.

Minister Samim said that the province government reached a conclusion to stage a protest programme for the powers adding that the province government was facing difficulties to work for lack of power exercise and questions were raised on federalism on the same basis.

The Madhes province government has stated that it has faced hardships in implementing several laws due to the federal government’s reluctance.

Minister Samim stated that Police Adjustment Act, Civil Service Act, laws on Guthi, forest and some other laws are not implemented as the federal government has taken these laws under its control. “So, we are forced to stage protests,” he added.

The province government has put its firm stance for the drafting, amending and entire rights on these Acts and laws.

As decided, the members of the council of ministers and leaders of political parties would join to submit a memo to the federal government in the first phase and then they would stage protests in Kathmandu if the demands were not addressed in the first stage.

“Most probably, we will announce the protest progammes before Tihar,” UML’s chief whip of Madhes Province Assembly Lakhan Das shared.

Most of the politicians in the province seem dissatisfied with the federal government for its reluctance in implementing the concurrent powers of federal and province, and provincial powers.

The province government had also filed six separate cases against the federal government at the Supreme Court’s constitutional bench.