•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Maulakali Cable Car, tickets on half price on Wednesdays

Gaindakot, July 18: Maulakali Cable Car Ltd has brought an evening offer with 50 percent discount on tickets. The company said that this offer will be implemented from this July 18 onward. According to Suraj Poudel, Station Manager of Cable Car, 50 percent discount will be given on every Wednesday after 2 pm under this offer.

Currently Cable Car two-way ordinary ticket price is Rs. 550. Under this offer, passengers can enjoy two-way travel on Rs. 275.

This offer will give the general public an opportunity to travel by Cable Car at a cheap price, and will also encourage pilgrims to visit the temple during the day. This is expected to increase the number of pilgrims visiting Maulakali temple.

We believe that this offer will to some extent increase the number of people visiting the temple during the summer season, Paudel said.

There has been a significant increase in the number of devotees in the Maulakali temple in this season as compared to the previous years.

According to Shalikram Sapkota, president of Religious Services Committee Maulakali Temple, the number of devotees coming to worship at the temple has increased by about 25 percent since Maulakali Cable Car came into operation.

Due to various reasons such as summer, rain, farming etc., in the previous years, very few devotees came to the temple at this time. The Maulakali Cable Car, which has been in operation since Baisakh, has been serving the devotees from 6 am except on holidays, targeting domestic and foreign tourists going to the religious and historical Maulakali temple.