•      Thu Jun 20 2024

NEPSE index fell by double digits

Kathmandu, March 30: In the stock market today, the NEPSE index, which measures stock turnover, has fallen by double digits. According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, the NEPSE index decreased by 10.87 points to 1,988.55 points.

The sensitive index decreased by 66 points to 359.48. Out of 13 subgroups traded today, the share price of 11 subgroups decreased while the share price of two subgroups increased.

Banking Subgroup 0.42, Development Bank 0.44, Finance 0.99, Hydropower 0.80, Investment 0.57, Life Insurance 0.36, Product 0.79, Microfinance 0.94, Non-Life Insurance 0.01, others 1.11 and business sub-group decline by 0.22 points. Hotels and tourism increased by 0.50 points and the collective investment fund increased by 0.42 points.

Today, 2,750,655 shares of various companies were bought and sold. Today, the share price of Supermai Hydropower has increased by 9.99 percent. Similarly, the share price of Citizen Mutual Fund 6.81, Kalinchowk Darshan Limited 6.08, RSDC Small Finance Financial Institution 2.57 and NLG Insurance Company increased by 2.41 percent.

According to NEPSE, the share price of Adarsh Microfinance Financial Institution has decreased by 6.07%, Jalpa Community Microfinance by 3.86%, Global IME Balance Fund-1 by 3.82%, Support Microfinance by 3.71% and the share price of Bishal Bazaar has decreased by 3.64%.