•      Fri Sep 29 2023

NEPSE index fell by modest 5.05 points today

Kathmandu, Aug 29: A slight decline has been observed in today’s Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index. The NEPSE index decreased by 5.05 points to 1,993.42 points.

A total of 40,06,739 unit shares of 278 companies were bought and sold. However, the total transaction amount squeezed to Rs. 86,51,20,452.

The sub-indices of investment group, mutual fund, non-life insurance and business group have increased, while the sub-indices of all other groups decreased. Investment group increased by 0.09 points, mutual funds by 0.04 points, non-life insurance by 5.61 points and business by 0.80 points. Among the biggest decliners, life insurance group decreased by 50.01 points and hotels and tourism by 35.58 points.

Likewise, banking by 2.19, development bank by 21.17, finance by 4.88, hydropower by 11.41, manufacturing and processing by 31.42, microfinance by 0. 60 and other groups by 3.12 points.

There was a positive circuit in the share price of Kutheli Bukhari Small Hydropower Limited in today’s trading. Similarly, the share price of Swabhiman Laghubitta Financial Institution Limited has decreased by 4.83 percent per unit share.