•      Mon Sep 25 2023

Policy and programs of Gandaki province passed

Pokhara, June 8: The policy and programs for the coming fiscal year 2080/81 tabled by the Gandaki provincial government has been passed by the majority of the provincial assembly.

The policy and program was passed by a majority of the provincial assembly after Speaker Krishna Prasad Dhital tabled it for a decision in Thursday’s meeting of the provincial assembly.

The annual policy and program of the government was presented to the provincial assembly by the chief of the Province Prithviman Gurung on June 4.

Chief Minister Surendraraj Pandey responded to the questions raised by the members of the provincial assembly during the deliberations. A total of 50 provincial assembly members participated in the discussion on the policy and programs.

With the endorsement of the policy and programs, the government is now engaged in the final preparation of the budget for the new financial year. According to the constitution, the budget of the province government is being presented on coming June 16.