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Protecting the constitution and democracy is my first duty: Leader Paudel

Presidential candidate Ram Chandra Poudel.

Ramchandra Poudel, a senior leader of Nepali Congress, who has become a presidential candidate on behalf of the eight-party alliance, has said that he considers the issue of protecting and upholding the democracy and constitution that he fought for his whole life to be important.

Talking to RSS regarding the candidacy of the head of state to be held on March 9, he mentioned that since he has been fighting for democracy for six decades, the protection of the current constitution and democracy will be his first duty and responsibility.

Former House Speaker Paudel said, “The president has an important role in protecting the achievements of change, including the constitution and democracy. I became a candidate after the consensus of all parties and friends in the discussions for the presidential candidacy.” Excerpt of an interview

What are the preparations for the next presidential election? How is your preparation?

I have become the unanimous candidate on behalf of the eight-party, including Nepali Congress, CPN (Maoist Centre) in the election to be held on March 9. My candidacy has conveyed the message of national unity in the country. During the preparations for the elections, election-focused meetings, discussions and talks are being held with the members of the Provincial Assembly, the House of Representatives and the National Assembly. Talks have been held with the leadership of various parties. Work is being done to get in touch with all the voters and make them believe.

Why do you think you will be chosen as the next presidential candidate on behalf of the eight-party alliance and the Nepali Congress?

In the discussion between all the parties regarding the presidential election, it was decided that I would be the common candidate. In the current politics of Nepal, it must be a coincidence that I have got this opportunity because I am senior in every way and everyone’s consent has been gathered in my name. I have struggled and worked hard to achieve the present system and democracy. Seeing my role and contribution in the establishment of democracy and constitution, all my friends considered me the right person.

Presidential candidate Ram Chandra Poudel.

President is a constitutional post, here is an active and senior leader of Congress, if elected, how will you maintain the balance to preserve the dignity of the post?

My philosophy of life and activity and struggle throughout my life is for democracy, the progress of the country and the people’s rights. My biggest priority is democracy and people’s rights. The current constitution and system was brought after 70 years of fighting. Therefore, protecting the constitution is the first duty. I am a person who has been fighting for democracy from the ground. I think that the protection of these achievements of change comes from the presidency as well. This place is also important to protect the constitution and democracy. I have become a candidate because of the agreement between the party and other friends. I have considered the issue of protecting and upholding the democracy and the constitution, which I have fought for all my life, to be important.

What are the basis for winning the presidential election?

As I am a common candidate from eight parties including the Congress, there is also a popular wave in my favor across the country. People who have seen the history of my struggle and know about me have expectations and trust in me. Due to my contribution in the struggle for the nation and democracy, I have received public opinion that by giving me this responsibility, the achievements of the constitution and changes will be preserved. Another thing is that I have got the support of the party. My friend Subasji (presidential candidate from CPN (UML)), I have also experienced goodwill and trust from that party. I believe that public opinion will help me to win in this election. (RSS)