•      Wed Dec 6 2023

‘Quake survivors may face psycho-social problems’ 

Surkhet, Nov 9: Recommendations have been made to pay attention to the potential psycho-social problems among the earthquake survivors in the quake-hit areas.

A sychiatric doctor underlined the need of stepping up psycho-social counseling, especially to the women and children who are in the state of fear due to earthquake.

Citizens have been mentally and psychologically traumatized in earthquake-hit areas, Psychiatric Doctor of Karnali Province Hospital Purna Rawal suggested the government run complete package of psycho-social programme in the quake-hit areas.

“Aftershocks are frequent in the areas. Citizens are in precarious condition. Psycho-social problems can be seen among the people in such situation. All three tiers of governments should pay attention on psycho-social counseling along with relief and rehabilitation”, he added.

Meanwhile, the Karnali province government shared it has deputed a team of psychosocial counselors to the field for counseling services.