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Samsung mobile price in Nepal (latest update)

Exploring options for a new Samsung smartphone and finding yourself in a maze of choices? Worry not!  In this nuanced guide, we detail official prices, specifications, and crisp reviews of each Samsung model available in the diverse Nepali market.

Authorized Distributors: Ensuring Authenticity & Support

Samsung’s diversified portfolio spans budget-friendly to top-tier models. Before embarking on your Samsung journey, ensure your purchase is from a certified distributor to secure genuine products and dependable after-sales support. The torchbearers for Samsung in Nepal are Integrated Mobility Solutions (IMS) and Him Electronics. Recognizing authorized devices is a breeze with the distributor’s hologram on the package. This secure route promises serene after-sales experiences, exclusively at Samsung service centers for products from certified sources.

Pricing Transparency with Best Selling Price Modality

In 2020, Samsung Nepal embraced the Best Selling Price (BSP) approach, ensuring customers encounter no disparities between listed and actual prices. Consequently, Samsung mobile price in Nepal outlined here reflects the most transparent and competitive tags.

Samsung’s Dashain Offer: Embark on a Festive Journey!

Samsung Mobile Chyappai, Scooter Jhyappai! offer, samsung mobile price in nepal

With festivities in the air, Samsung introduces the “Samsung Mobile Chyappai, Scooter Jhyappai” offer from September 22nd to October 20th, where 25 lucky customers can ride away with a new TVS NTORQ 125CC scooter.

Step into the Festive Draw

  1. Secure a Samsung Device: Begin by purchasing a new Samsung phone or tablet.
  2. Identify the Serial Number: Dial *#06#.
  3. Register via SMS: Send ‘SAMSUNG<space>Serial Number’ to 31001.
  4. Receive Confirmation: Winning serial numbers will grace Samsung’s official Facebook page and Image Channel’s distinctive program.

Engage in this festive bonanza from September 19th, with the inaugural draw on the 22nd, and immerse in the dual weekly draws offering captivating musical experiences.

Flexible Acquisitions with Zero-Interest EMI

Potential Samsung aficionados can relish 0% EMI on phones and tablets across multiple Samsung Finance outlets and Experience Stores throughout Nepal.

Beyond Samsung: A Technological Odyssey

While our voyage today centers around Samsung mobile price in Nepal, Aliteq.com traverses a multitude of technological realms. From the intricacies of 5G to dynamic offerings like the ASUS ROG Strix G15, and innovative marvels like the Google Pixel 8, our expedition through the tech cosmos is boundless. Curious about other premium smartphones like the iPhone 15 Pro or the revolutionary Apple Vision Pro? We’ve got you covered with insights, comparisons, and thoughtful buying guides!

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal (Updated 2023)

Samsung Mobiles List   Price in Nepal  
Galaxy Z Fold 5 रू 226,999 (12+256GB)
रू 239,999 (12+512GB)
Galaxy Z Flip 5 रू 139,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy Z Fold 4 रू 244,999 199,999 (12/256GB)
Galaxy Z Flip 4 रू 144,999 114,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy Z Fold 3 रू 179,999 161,999 (12/512GB)
Galaxy Z Flip 3 रू 89,999 (256GB)
Galaxy S23 Ultra रू 191,999 (12+256GB)
रू 209,999 (12+512GB)
Galaxy S23 Plus रू 151,999 (8+256GB)
Galaxy S23 रू 127,999 (8+256GB)
Galaxy S22 Ultra रू 179,999 169,999  (12+256GB)
Galaxy A73 5G रू 75,999 (8+256GB)
Galaxy A54 5G रू 59,999 (8+256GB)
रू 56,999 (8+128GB)
Galaxy F54 5G रू 52,499 (8+256GB)
Galaxy A53 5G रू 57,499 (8+128GB)
Galaxy A34 5G रू 45,999 (8+128GB)
Galaxy A33 5G रू 42,999 (8+128GB)
Galaxy M33 5G रू 33,999 (6+128GB)
रू 35,999 (8+128GB)
Galaxy A24 रू 28,999 (6+128GB)
रू 31,999 (8+128GB)
Galaxy A23 रू 25,999 23,999 (4+64GB)
रू 29,999 27,999 (6+128GB)
Galaxy A14 5G रू 27,999 (6+128GB)
रू 29,999 (8+128GB)
Galaxy M14 5G रू 24,999 (6+128GB)
Galaxy A14 4G रू 20,499 (4+64GB)
Galaxy F13 रू 23,999 (4+128GB)
Galaxy A13 रू 21,499 (4+64GB)
रू 25,499 (6+128GB)
Galaxy A04s रू 19,999 (4+64GB)
रू 21,999 (4+128GB)
Galaxy A04 रू 14,999 (3+32GB)
रू 16,999 (4+64GB)
Galaxy M04 रू 15,999 (4+64GB)
रू 17,999 (4+128GB)
Galaxy A04e रू 13,499 (3+32GB)
Galaxy A03s रू 15,999 (3+32GB)
रू 17,499 (4+64GB)

Source: https://www.aliteq.com/samsung-mobile-price-in-nepal/