•      Thu Feb 29 2024
Kathmandu Valley witnesses 103 incidents during Dashain

Kathmandu, Oct 28: Dashain festival this year has become peaceful except for a few incidents in the Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts), said the traffic police. Although there were sporadic incidents since Fulpati, the seventh day of Dashain on 21 October until 27 October, there have not been

Inundation in different parts of Kathmandu Valley

The incessant rainfall occurred since last night has caused inundation in different parts of the Kathmandu Valley.

Kathmandu features highest density, largest population size

Federal capital Kathmandu is the city having the largest population size and highest population density in the country. 

Rains in Kathmandu Valley throughout day

The Weather Forecasting Division has said the Kathmandu Valley is to witness the rainfall throughout the day today. The rainfall

city life in Kathmandu
Is a livable city chimera for Kathmandu dwellers?

With the monsoon in full swing across the country for over a week, the federal capital Kathmandu witnessed heavy rainfall

Garbage in Street of Kathmandu
Garbage management in night-time only

Ending a series of protests for garbage management, an 18-point agreement has been signed among the agitating locals.

Indiscriminate plotting damaging beauty of Kathmandu Valley (photo feature) ​​

Kathmandu Valley nowadays facing menace of plotting, particularly the developers are found active to encroach rare forest area. Increasing urbanization