•      Mon May 27 2024
15,000 livestock vaccinated in Udayapur

Udayapur, Sept 1: As high as 15,000 livestock have been vaccinated against lumpy skin disease in eight local levels in Udayapur district. Chief of District Veterinary Livestock Service Office, Ram Narayan Sah, shared that 95 per cent of the total vaccines were given to cow and ox, and five percent

Govt. to give compensation for losses caused due to lumpy…

The National Development Action Committee has decided to sort out the issues of electricity wire, telephone cable and other obstacles

‘Relief package for farmers losing their cattle to lumpy skin’

The government is preparing to dole out relief packages to those farmers whose cattle died due to lumpy skin outbreak

Lumpy skin outbreak affects paddy transplant

Kathmandu, July 15: A total of 53 per cent of the paddy transplantation has been done so far in the

karnali province lawmakers
Lumpy skin-infected 125,000 cattle treated in Karnali Province

As many as 125,091 cattle infected with contagious Lumpy skin disease were provided with treatment in 10 districts of Karnali

PM directs for effective prevention of Lumpy skin disease

Kathmandu, July 4: The government has expressed its commitment to provide all resources required for the prevention and control of

Nearly 10 thousands cattle perish due to lumpy skin

The outbreak of lumpy skin disease in cattle has spread throughout the country. A total of 9,410 domesticated animal including

Lumpy skin disease spreads in 12 districts of Koshi Province

Lumpy skin disease has spread across 12 of 14 districts in Koshi Province, according to the Directorate of Livestock and