•      Tue Sep 27 2022
Melamchi-Helambu road blocked

Sindhupalchowk: The Melamchi-Helambu road has been blocked for traffic at Melamchi municipality-11 due to floods triggered by heavy rainfall last night. Regular traffic has been affected after flood water from the nearby river entered the road near Seemkhet, according to Melamchi area police office. Locals of Helambu Rural Municipality and

Melamchi folks urged to remain cautious

MELAMCHI: Heavy rainfall has taken place in Ghumthang, Dhap, Nakate, and other areas in Sindhupalchok district. The Department of Hydrology

Tunnel test of Melamchi Project starting today

MELAMCHI: Testing of the tunnel of Melamchi Drinking Water Project is being started today by filling water in the 26.5

Tunnel work in Melamchi Water Supply Project nears final phase

            Kathmandu: The finishing of the tunnel related work of the Melamchi Water Supply Project has reached the final phase.

Construction of Melamchi Drinking Water Processing Centres completes

Kathmandu: The construction of two Melamchi Drinking Water Processing Centres has been completed at Sundarijal, Kathmandu. According to Melamchi Drinking

Sundarjal drinking water processing centre to complete next month

Kathmandu: The construction of one of the two Melamchi drinking water processing centres at Sundarijal is to be completed by

Sinohydro to complete remaining task of Melamchi project

Kathmandu, Sept 29: China’s state-owned company Sinohydro has been selected to complete the remaining tasks of Melamchi Water Supply Project

Melamchi workers call off their protest

Kathmandu, Sept 15: The workers in the Melamchi Drinking Water Project in Sindhupalchowk district have called off their protest after

PAC directs completing of Melamchi project soon

            Kathmandu, Sept 5: The public account committee under the House of Representatives has directed the completion of the Melamchi