•      Mon May 27 2024
Foreign Employment Department requests people on fraudulent activities

Kathmandu, Dec 13: The Nepal Department of Foreign Employment has urged everyone to remain alert to potential fraud in the name of employment in Israel. According to Department Spokesperson and Information Officer, Kabiraj Upreti, the sending of Nepali migrant workers to Israel-based care homes is currently being facilitated through official

Kidney problem found among Nepali migrant workers than non-migrants: Study

Kidney problem is more common in Nepali people working in Malaysia and Gulf countries, according to a study conducted at

Misleading information on social media, major challenge in safe migration

Since Nepal has imposed restrictions on domestic workers in gulf countries, Nepali migrant workers have not been able to return

Nepali woman held hostage in Iraq since three years

Kamala Murmu, 30, a resident of Arjundhara Municipality-6 has been held hostage by an unknown gang in Iraq, her mother

Migrant women returnees face stigma and rejection in society

How could they publicly represent that these women are contributing equally to our economy and that they are the contributors

216,000 migrant workers join in Social Security Fund

The number of migrant workers to be enrolled in Social Security Fund (SSF) has started increasing.

Re-integration programme for returnee migrant workers launched

The Foreign Employment Board initiated the reintegration programme coordinating efforts with the local levels for the returnee Nepali migrant workers.

Migrant workers being included in social security scheme

The social security scheme of the country is including migrant workers and self-employed persons from today onward.

House Speaker Dev Raj Ghimire
Speaker Ghimire takes stock of Nepali migrant workers in Bahrain

Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Devraj Ghimire, who is currently in Bahrain, inquired about the condition of the

Malaysia proposes new labour contract, Request sending domestic workers

Malaysia has proposed on Friday to renew the labor contract by sending Nepali workers to the domestic sector as well.