•      Sun May 19 2024
The Middle East Needs a Ceasefire Now

- Daoud Kuttab JERUSALEM– It is hard to imagine that anyone in the Levant or the broader Middle East managed to sleep on Saturday night, as Iran launched hundreds of drones and ballistic missiles toward strategic sites in Israel and Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Almost all of

Overcoming the Development-Project Implementation Gap

UNOPS runs operations in over 80 countries on behalf of the UN system and global partners, such as the World

The South China Sea Could Boil Over

This is unlikely to change any time soon. With the wars in Ukraine and Gaza stretching American military resources thin,

The Zombification of Political Parties

Trump is hardly the only far-right populist leader to have subjugated a political party to his will. The hijacking of

What We Can Do About Food Insecurity

A good example is ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), a fortified peanut paste that helps 92% of acutely malnourished children recover,

Justice for Street Vendors

Street vending is a legitimate economic activity that provides livelihoods for millions and accounts for a large share of urban

The Rules-Based International Order Is Collapsing in Gaza

Regrettably, this dream was extinguished by Israel’s decision that year to impose a land, sea, and air blockade on Gaza.

Preparing for a Russian Nuclear Meltdown

Historically, Russia’s defeat in foreign wars, including the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05, World War I, and the 1979-89 invasion of

Global water crisis in the world
The Roots of the Global Water Crisis

The fact that some remain unaffected by this crisis attests to their privilege. While many experience environmental degradation on a

Spy vs. Spy

Walton draws on newly opened archives, formerly classified in-house histories, memoirs, and interviews with policymakers and spies.