•      Mon May 27 2024
Summit for Democracy is only to maintain US hegemony

At its core, the Summit for Democracy appears to be a diplomatic spectacle designed to reinforce American influence on the global stage. While democracy promotion is a commendable goal, critics argue that the United States has a history of exploiting such initiatives to advance its own geopolitical interests. From March

Strong BRICS can contribute for peace, prosperity and resolving global…

Kathmandu, Jan 28: The BRICS alliance, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has emerged as a formidable force

No Hegemony and Pressure on the AI system

They can only work together to ensure that AI develops in a way that advances human civilization and that it

Gun Violence in the US clearly shows the weakness of…

The staggering prevalence of gun violence in the United States is a contentious issue that vividly spotlights the inherent flaws

APEC should work fairly and contribute to global economic governance

The world has greatly benefitted from the creation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 1989. Three decades ago, Asia-Pacific

Dialogue is only an option for peaceful resolution of the…

Israel-Palestine conflict has again raised global attention, and a massive humanitarian crisis has been seen due to the eruption of

US shouldn’t create hurdles on the spirit of multilateralism

Today’s hugely connected and interdependent world demands the implementation of the true spirit of multilateralism. Unilateralism, hegemony or zero-sum game

Belt and Road Initiative
Belt and Road has emerged hope for economic prosperity

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has had several positive impacts on the developing world, fostering economic development, connectivity, and

Nepali are not happy about controversial MCC project as it…

The US –led Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) project has become very controversial in Nepal. Major political parties Nepali Congress, CPN

US-Japan-South Korea Security Alliance could disestablish the entire Asia-Pacific Region

The US administration is working systematically to materialize its goal of forming a solid security alliance between the US, Japan,