•      Thu Jun 20 2024

Tilottama investment summit: over Rs 50 billion is expected to pour in

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Butwal, Sept 25: Tilottama municipality in Rupandehi district is organizing an investment summit on September 26.

The first-of-its-kind summit will have representations from federal, state and local tiers of governments, private sector, foreign investors and theme experts.

Tilottama Mayor Basudev Ghimire shared matters related to municipality’s development priorities, investment goals and potentials would be discussed during the summit.

He informed that the municipality is making preparations to present and discuss on different 22 projects focusing diverse sectors including agriculture, tourism, industry and infrastructure.

The municipality is holding discussions with multiple stakeholders and actors on the objectives and rationale of the conference prior to the summit.

Around 800 distinguished people, including federal and state government ministers, lawmakers, leaders of key political parties, high-placed government officials, representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Nepal, development partners, private sector, Non-Resident Nepalese and domestic and foreign investors are taking part in the summit.

Ghimire shared the summit is organized to gather investment required to accomplish actions laid out in the five-year integrated urban development plan and 15-year strategic plan of the municipality. “The event is organized to strategically engage private sector which is indispensable for completing the planned projects”.

The municipality has put forward only 22 projects selected from among 200 projects identified for the greater development of Tilottama.

He informed that the target is to bring in investments for the projects, including Tilottama agro products collection and process centre, Dhakrebas tourism site, meat processing centre, City college, state bus park, industrial corridor, business hub connecting Chinese and Indian markets and railway ring road.

Among other plans are smart Haat Bazaar, smart parking site, children park, Rohini Integrated Multipurpose Tourism Site and Integrated Milk Collection and Processing Centre.

The host has expected to bring in investment of over Rs 50 billion from the summit. The summit will offer the participants an opportunity to closely understand the environment for investment, the host said.

Participants from different countries, including India, China and Bangladesh are taking part in the event. “Though Chinese investors are interested to engage in the projects related to Tilottama smart city, waste management and agro processing centre, among others, we take this as an opportunity to gather investment from wide range of domestic and foreign investors”, Ghimire said.