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178 tolas of gold offered to Pathibhara being auctioned

Goddess Pathivara Temple

Taplejung, March 5: A total of 178 tola of gold and more than 5000 tola of silver offered by devotees at Pathibhara temple are being auctioned. The Pathibhara area development committee is going to sell 178 tolas or 2.08 kgs of gold and around 58 kgs of silver.

The gold was extracted from golden ornaments and gold itself offered by devotees in the famous Pathibhara temple from 2079 to Mangsir 2080 BS. Executive Director of the Committee, Prachin Hangpang, told RSS that between 2076 and 2080 BS, 5,298 tola of silver were collected.

The price of gold per tola has been fixed at Rs 121,000 and the price of silver per tola has been fixed at Rs 1,410. Firms or individuals interested in buying the gold and silver have been invited to bid within 21 days.

The Pathibhara temple receives devotees throughout the year, more especially during Dashain festival and during the spring season. Devotees from India as well as other countries also come to pay obeisance to goddess Pathibhara. #Nepal

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