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Aam Janata Party Chair Sah stresses on speeding up prosperity  

Leader Prabhu Sah (file photo)

Kathmandu, June 13: Chairman of Aam Janata Party, Prabhu Sah, has pointed out the need of speeding up prosperity by institutionalizing the achievements of the republic.

After observing today the photo exhibition titled ‘Achievements of Republic: Infrastructure for Prosperity’ organised by Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) on the occasion of Republic Day, 2081, Chair Sah claimed that republic is the best governance system as compared to other systems which are in practice in the world.

He said, “Change-loving forces should be aware towards the attempts being made to defame the republic from different ways.”

Sharing that good governance was indispensable for prosperity in the country, Sah underlined that democracy should not be weakened due to some unsuccessful leadership.

“People have been found disappointed as they did not get the expected benefits after the leaderships failed to head the republic in a right track though republic is the best system,” he mentioned.

Also the former Minister for Urban Development, he laid emphasis on the need of bringing change in the current pace of prosperity.

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