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All leftists and patriots should stand together: Prachanda

Kathmandu, March 31: The Chairman of CPN (Maoist Centre) and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said all leftists and patriots should stand together. In his address to a programme organized here on Saturday on the occasion of the 24th Prison Break Memorial Day, he claimed Nepali socialist revolution will move ahead in a new way.

Chairman Prachanda said, “The socialist revolution will be carried forward in a new and original way by uniting all Maoist movement initiators and also bringing together all nationalist forces in one place. The leadership still has higher level of confidence to this effect.” Prachanda said.

Referring to the declaration of 8,000 martyrs as national martyrs and publishing their names in the gazette, Chairman Prachanda said he considered this as a continuation of class struggle.

Sharing that he is still continuing his efforts for class struggle, he said declaring People’s War Day as a national day is its reflection.

The shared responsibility cannot be realized by merely pouring out frustration and insulting the political parties and leaders, Prachanda said.

Prachanda called upon everyone to unite and stand for the country and people.

Stating that the equation of ruling coalition is strategic, Chair Prachanda said, “This chemistry is strategic and far-reaching, I believe it is also revolutionary.” It only makes all patriots united for nation and people. #Nepal

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