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Biratnagar Metropolitan City unveils around around Rs 3.5 billion budget

Nagesh Koirala
Biratnagar Mayor Nagesh Koirala (file photo)

Biratnagar, June 25: The Biratnagar Metropolitan City (BMC) has presented the annual income and expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year 2024/25 here on Monday.

Metropolitan Deputy Mayor Shilpa Nirala Karki read out the budget worth Rs 3.49 billion amid the 14th Town Assembly.

For the income, Rs 320 is estimated from the federal government under the financial equalization subsidy while Rs 20 million is expected from provincial government, said Deputy Mayor Karki. Others sources for income are revenue collection from VAT, excise duty, royalties from forest produces, taxes from registration of house and land, vehicle taxes and others, according to Karki.

Notably, the Metropolis has designated Rs 590 million for office operations and administrative activities while the sum of Rs 430 million has been allocated for various projects to be implemented in its local levels, it was shared.

The Metropolis has dedicated Rs 56 million for development of human settlements and for Terai-Madhesh Prosperity Programme. Under the social development sector, education development programme will receive Rs 780 million, health sector Rs 200 million while Rs 9.9 million will be invested for women empowerment programmes.

The children sector will receive Rs 7 million while youth development sector will get Rs 9.5 million and sports sector Rs over 10 million, informed Karki. Similarly, Rs 45 million has been earmarked for maintenance of roads, canals, sewages while Rs 100 million has been designated for other maintenance. Over Rs 20 million is estimated to be spent in purchase of heavy-duty vehicles.

The Metropolis has prioritized disaster management and conservation of forest environment and has allocated over Rs 10 million for the same.  Over Rs 10 million has been allocated for sanitation programme. Traffic management sector has received Rs 4 million, urban development Rs 9 million and Rs 6 million for development of information technology.

Over Rs 10 million has been allocated for programmes aimed at good-governance and smooth and swift public service delivery while the Metropolis has designated over Rs 20 million for purification of waste water and same amount for electrification programme. #rss #biratnagar

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