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Biratnagar provenance of political and industrial revolutions: President Paudel

Biratnagar, Dec 23: President Ramchandra Paudel has laid emphasis on building self-reliant and prosperous economy. Inaugurating the Democratic Fighters’ Honor Ceremony and industrialists’ conclave here today, President Paudel viewed industrialists could play important role to form socialism-oriented economy.

President Paudel informed governments’ initiatives to recover the national economy dented by COVID-19 has showed positive results. He however said country’s economy is not up to the mark- revenue targets are missed; and industries not operated in full scale.

He reminded various personalities who had invaluable role for democracy and freedoms in the country. According to him, Biratnagar is the provenance of both political and industrial revolutions. It houses the oldest Biratnagar Jute Mill where the labour movement was initiated.

He also congratulated all democratic figures, leaders, industrialists and journalists honoured on the occasion.The President pointed out the need of stopping the brain drain by imparting training to human resources in the country and producing capable human resources with the expansion of industries related to agriculture, forest and minerals. The Nepal Head of the State asked the industrialists and businessmen to create such environment in the country.

Sharing the government alone could not make the country self-reliant, create employment, and promote export so as to end poverty, the President mentioned that it was possible only when the government collaborates with the private sector and it was necessary to make public private partnership more effective.

The President said the incumbent government would formulate new policy and act by taking into confidence private sector and holding broader consultation.

It is necessary to move ahead with robust collaboration among federal, province, and local levels and private sector for environment conservation as well as green and resilient economy and sustainable development.

President Paudel opined various shrines in the Koshi Province such as Halesi Mahadev, Tyamke’s Sidda Baba, Pathivara Devi, Chintang Devi, Baraha Kshetra and stupas, temples and Lovarkati Kirat temple could be developed as attractive tourism destinations so that national economy could be contributed.

“This region has tremendous potential both in tourism or industrial aspects. All we need is a strong determination, commitment, honesty and morality,” he asserted.

Wishing for the successful tenure of the team of establishment leadership, the Head of the State wished for the good health and longevity of all those feted today.

Similarly, Koshi Province Chief Parshuram Khapung said that the State should pay heed to the problems facing entrepreneurs of the private sector.

Chief Minister of Koshi Province, Kedar Karki, emphasized State’s role to address need and aspirations of the public.

Nepali Congress’ central committee member Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar acknowledged the President as someone who long struggled for democracy and republic and urged him to play the role of a guardian to safeguard the federal democratic republic.

In the programme presided over by Bhim Ghimire, President of the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI), former Chief Minister of Koshi Province, Hikmat Kumar Karki and CNI’s Founder President Binod Kumar Chaudhary among others put forth their views.

Altogether 29 personalities including freedom fighter, entrepreneurs and journalists duo Shankhar Kharel and Ananta Neupane were honoured in the event. CNI, on the occasion, feted President Paudel.

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