•      Mon Sep 25 2023
The Roots of the Global Water Crisis

- Joshua Castellino LONDON, Sept 25 (PS): In March 1977, representatives from 116 countries gathered in Mar del Plata, Argentina, for the inaugural United Nations Water Conference. At the time, the event received very little attention on global water crisis. Global politics was dominated by a handful of powerful countries,

Nepal’s dream to be a land-linked country is coming true:…

China has been the largest source of foreign investment in Nepal for 7 consecutive years, and Chinese investment has created

How to Achieve Universal Cancer Care

Cancer causes an estimated ten million deaths each year. Beyond the human suffering, the disease has profound – and growing

Eight years since new constitution, now is time to monitor…

Eight years have passed since the promulgation and enforcement of the present constitution in Nepal. As the time is nearing

Fully Replenishing the Green Climate Fund

For starters, developed countries must significantly increase funding for the GCF – the one international institution whose sole responsibility is

Eighth Constitution Day: Challenges in implementation of Constitution

Kathmandu, Sept 20: As the nation celebrates the Eighth Constitution Day today, it is time to sincerely reflect on its

Khilraj Regmi calls for full enforcement of constitution

Former Chairperson of Council of Ministers, Khil Raj Regmi, has extended his wishes that the Constitution Day would inspire everyone

‘Democracy connotes argument, persuasion, and fullest exercise of individual freedom’

It is here that the advance socialist countries have a significant role to play if the young socialist countries of

The Key to Sustainable Food Systems

The fabric of our global food system is fraying under the strain of climate change and an ever-expanding population.

The Golda Who Mattered

Meir was in Israel for the drought that sent farmers begging for drops of water. She held a fellow civilian