•      Tue Sep 27 2022
SCO: An Organization against the Hegemony and Working for an…

Samarkand declaration has clearly sent a message to the global community that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is hugely committed to expand cooperation for a democratic, equitable and inclusive international order. SCO members are against the hegemony and don’t accept any types of interferences in the other’s internal matters. It

Border dispute with India, a new look by Nepali professionals

While asymmetry in size and power provides India with the benefits of inaction, the only recourse for Nepal is to

A Faster Route to Greener Shipping

– Aideé Saucedo Dávila LONDON – Delegates from over 190 countries recently gathered in Lisbon for the United Nations Ocean

Nepal is not merely a buffer state but can be…

Nepal has no enemy but all friends. We have been receiving goodwill and cooperation from all countries in the world.

When to change dress in community colleges? Let’s redesign 

The community colleges, nowadays, organize different innovative activities. One of them is Model United Nations or Model UN. This is

US-India Military Drills and Effect on the Regional Security

Photo Credit -ANI News Impending US-India military drills has begun to raise tension not only in the Trans-Himalaya region, but

Biden’s Confrontational Approach will Create Disorder in the World

Ignoring the cooperative approach on international relations, US President Joe Biden has taken confrontational approach which is almost copy and

Confronting the Growing Drought Risk

BONN – Drought may be an ancient scourge, but it is getting worse. No region or country today is immune

The High Costs of Disengagement for China

– George Magnus OXFORD – For more than three decades, the global economy was defined by unbridled integration and unprecedented

Today’s Crises Are Different

BOGOTÁ – Just as one generation gives way to the next, global challenges are superseded by a new cohort. The