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Cath lab machines brought in use in Lumbuni Province Hospital

Lumbini Hospital

Butwal, Feb 16: The equipment of Cath Lab which were kept unused for almost one and a half years have now brought in use in Lumbini Province Hospital.

The Medical Superintendent of Hospital, Dr Sudarshan Thapa, said that the Cath Lab services were started by managing the needed human resources for handling the equipment.

The machines worth millions were stored for long in the hospital’s store. The RSS had carried out a news on September 15, 2023 about the storage of such high-end machines worth millions.

With the beginning of the Cath Lab service, the heart patients have obtained accessible and quality health care services, Dr Thapa added.

Currently, a team of cardiologists including Roshan Ghimire and others are providing health care services to the heart patients in the hospital under the leadership of senior cardiologist Arjun Budhathoki.

The hospital has offered angiogram and angioplasty services too, Dr Thapa shared.

Likewise, the Province Health Ministry of Lumbini has allocated Rs 220 million for the operation of Cath Lab. #Nepal

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