•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Chairman of all 10 committees of the House of Representatives unopposed

Newly elected Chairs of the Parliamentary Committees at Singhdurbar. (Photo: RSS)

Kathmandu, Aug 28: The chairmen of all the committees under the House of Representatives have been elected unopposed. Although there were single candidates in 9 and two candidates in one for the leadership of the 10 committees under the House of Representatives on Sunday, all were unopposed after Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) MP Ganesh Parajuli withdrew his candidacy.

According to the division between the ruling party and the opposition, Congress filed three nominations, CPN UML filed two nominations, CPN Maoist Center, RPP, JSP, CPN (Unified Socialist) and Janamat filed 1 each for the chairmanship of the committee.

The RSP, on the other hand, registered its candidacy for the chairmanship of the Industry and Commerce and Labor and Consumer Welfare Committee without any alliance. After Parajuli withdrew his candidature, Abdul Khan of Janamat was elected to the said committee unopposed.

Committes and newly elected Chairpersons

  1. Abdul Khan (Janamat Party)  – Industry and Commerce and Labor and Consumer Welfare Committee

2. Santosh Chalise (Nepali Congress) –  Finance Committee

3. Raj Kishore Yadav (JSP) –  International Relations and Tourism Committee

4. Bimala Subedi (CPN Maoist Center) –  Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee

5. Arju Deuba (Nepali Congress) –  Agriculture, Cooperative and Natural Resources Committee

6. Kiran Kumar Sah (CPN UML) –  Women and Social Affairs Committee

7. Ramhari Khatiwada (Nepali Congress) – State Order and Good Governance Committee

8. Rishikesh Pokharel (CPN UML) –  Public Accounts Committee

9. Bhanubhakta Joshi (CPN Unified Socialist) – Education, Health and Information Technology Committee

10. Deepak Bahadur Singh (RPP) –  Infrastructure Development Committee.

Earlier, when there was an agreement between the ruling party and the main opposition, it was decided not to give the chairmanship of the committee to the fourth party of the parliament, the RSP and the fifth party, the RPP. But shortly before the registration of nominations, the Chairman of the Infrastructure Development Committee, which is part of the Maoist Center, was left to the RPP.

Leaders including Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal attend in the House Committee meeting at Singhdurbar on Aug 28, 2023. (Photo: RSS)

Seven and a half months after the start of the present Parliament, the parliamentary committee got the leadership. Due to conflict, division and factionalism between the parties, the committee could not get leadership. Parliamentary Committees have barely got leadership within 4 months of their formation.