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Chief Minister Jamkattel seeks public support to widen Hetauda roads

Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkattel. (file photo)

Hetauda, Jan 6: Chief Minister of Bagmati Province Shalikram Jamkattel has urged the local residents to extend their support for the expansion of roads in the market area of Hetauda.

Though this does not fall under the scope of the province government, the roads of the province capital city should be expanded, Jamkattel said addressing the 57th annual general assembly of Makawanpur chamber of commerce and industry on Saturday.

The chief minister said that the province government could not bring the large-scale industries and industrial estate under its ambit since the federal government holds the rights to handle land, electricity and revenue.

Jamkattel shared that the Bagmati Province Government was preparing to establish industrial village in 10 different places in the districts of province.

He viewed that the existing modality of production and business should be changed adding that support of the chamber of commerce and industry was also imperative to make the province self-reliant on foodstuffs.

The government and private sector should best utilize the youth workforce in agriculture, tourism, and trade and business sectors, the chief minister added. #Nepal

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