•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Chief Secretary exhorts civil servants to deliver good governance to citizens

Chief Secretary Dr Baikuntha Aryal (file photo)

Kathmandu, Sept 8: Government Chief Secretary Dr Baikuntha Aryal has directed the civil service employees to carry out works with priority so as to guarantee first-hand good-governance to the citizens.

Addressing a programme organised by the Main Programme Committee on the occasion of the 20th Civil Service Day today, he spoke of the need to make the public administration clean, efficient, fair, transparent and corruption-free as well as dynamic and result-oriented by appropriately resolving the problems within the civil service.

“I am confident that the Day today will inspire all the civil servants to refine and excel themselves as per the changed governance system and establish self as a bridge between the government and the people by providing services in a smooth and efficient manner,” said the Chief Secretary who is also the Chair of the Main Programme Committee.

According to him, it is the main responsibility of the public servants to provide services to the general public in an easy and systematic manner by implementing the government’s policies and programmes effectively.

He further said, “We have the challenge before us of proving ourselves committed to the norms and values, and the ideals of the 21st century public administration through enforcement of laws, citizen-friendly service delivery, integrity and dignity while becoming dynamic and efficient as per the expectation of the general public.”

Pointing out the need of the civil administration to be more creative and professional to translate into practice the development, prosperity and good-governance and the long-term goals the nation has adopted, Chief Secretary Aryal said the civil service employees have performed well despite of several odds, including limited means and resources and facilities.

He stressed on the need of increasing the services and facilities to the employees commensurate with the country’s economic condition. “The reality of the Federal Civil Service Act not being issued even until eight years since the country adopted the federal government system is before us all, due to which difficulties have been faced in maintaining interrelations between the federal units,” the Chief Secretary said, adding that service delivery has been affected as there is shortage of employees at the provincial and local level for lack of related laws.

The 20th Civil Service Day is being observed today with various programmes across the country with the slogan of ‘Professional and Creative Administration, Development, Prosperity and Good Governance’. Although 60 years have completed since the civil service was instituted in the country, the Day started to be celebrated only from September 7, 2005.

The Day is commemorated each year coinciding the day 67 years back when the then Prime Minister Tanka Prasad Acharya introduced the Civil Service Act.