•      Wed Jul 24 2024

Chitwan Police calls not to affect the investigation

Kathmandu, March 3: The District Police Office, Chitwan, has said that the investigation over the death of 14-year-old student of Ekata Shishu Niketan Boarding School in Ratnanagar Municipality is underway, and has requested all not to disseminate any material that may influence the investigation.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Sriram Bhandari, the spokesperson of the office, issued a statement on Saturday, requesting not to communicate any content that could affect the investigation as forensic test reports of the investigation have not been received so far.

The Nepal Police is investigating a sensitive matter like the death of a minor with utmost seriousness, using its professional values, efficiency and discretion as specified by the prevailing law, reads the statement. “We assure the victim’s family and all others that a factual and objective investigation will be conducted on the basis of scientific examination and technical analysis of the incident.”

The office has also said that its serious attention was drawn to the contents published in various social networks and media regarding the incident, while an investigation into it is underway. #Nepal

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