•      Thu Jul 25 2024

Chure conservation master plan will be more effective now: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, Feb 18: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the Chure Conservation Master Plan will be revised to make conservation efforts of the Chure region more effective.

Responding to the MP’s queries in the meeting today of the House of Representatives, he said that the government was committed to the overall protection and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources of the Chure region. Chure and Madhes area conservation are being conducted through the President Chure Tarai Madhes Conservation Development Committee.

On a different note, the Prime Minister said that most of the indicators of the economy are positive though some sectors are still under pressure.

“The government is committed to generating employment within the country through macroeconomic stability and addressing the challenges facing the economy”, Prime Minister Prachanda said, “There are special programs to increase production and employment through collective entrepreneurship in agriculture, animal husbandry, cottage, small and medium-scale industries, tourism and information technology sectors.”

A new provision is being made for Nepalis in foreign land to apply for the aforementioned special programmes, he added. #Nepal

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