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Collaboration among three-tier governments key to mitigate climate change risks

Melamchi Municipality, Ward No. 9, Melamchi Bazaar of Sindhupalchok District. Melamchi Bazaar was inundated on Wednesday due to flash floods in the Indravati River since Tuesday. (Photo: ET)

Kathmandu, March 13: Exports and stakeholders stressed the need for the three tiers of governments to work with effective coordination to mitigate climate change induced risks.

At a national dialogue on climate change organized on the occasion of the 31st establishment day of the Municipality Association of Nepal (MUAN) on Tuesday, speakers demanded policy and budgetary arrangement in a way that local governments can make climate change adaptation programme.

The speakers also recommended for taking initiative for arrangement of compensation from the developed countries to the developing countries, including Nepal.

President of State Affairs and Good Governance Committee, Ramhari Khatiwada underscored the need of international commitment to put measures to reduce climate change effects.

He demanded policy and structural reforms to address climate change impacts by enabling local governments.

Also speaking on the occasion, National Natural Resource and Fiscal Commission Chairperson Balananda Poudel underlined effective implementation of policy level action plan of climate change. He said the local government’s budget and programme should be transparent and effective.

Former chief secretary Dr Somlal Subedi highlighted the need of effective implementation of laws related to climate change in coordination among the three tiers of the governments.

Also speaking on the occasion, constitutional law expert Kashiraj Dahal, joint secretary at Ministry of Finance, Suman Dahal, joint secretary of Ministry of Forest and Environment Dr Buddhi Sagar Poudel and MUAN Chairperson Bhim Prasad Dhungana and National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal Chairperson Laxmi Devi Pandey highlighted the need of legal reforms coupled with wider public awareness and implementation of country’s strategic action plane of climate change. #Nepal

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