•      Mon Jul 22 2024

Collaboration with UML for strengthening federal democratic republic: Nidhi

Biratnagar, July 2:  Former Vice-President of the Nepali Congress, Bimalendra Nidhi, has argued the party decided to politically collaborate with the CPN (UML) to further strengthen the federal democratic republic governance system.

In his address to a press meet organized by the Nepal Press Union, Morang today, the leader said the two largest parties in the federal parliament will make efforts to amend the Constitution enabling the ground for consolidating the federal democratic republic. In that course, the confidence of other political parties will be sought, according to him.

The former Deputy Prime Minister said the inclusion of other political parties and their cooperation in a new alliance shall be prioritized.

“Many more things need to be carried out to end political instability and thwart the level of public frustrations,” he said.

The leader added a discourse on whether to go with the proportional electoral system in the House of Representatives and the Province Assembly will be concluded after going through a wider discussion. He underlined the need for political collaboration to strengthen several issues through the amendments to the constitution. #rss

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