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Commercial banks slightly decrease deposit interest rates for Ashad

Kathmandu, June 14: The commercial banks of the country have released new interest rates for depositors for the month of Ashad, 2081, revealing a slight decrease compared to the rates in Jestha, 2081.

Of the 20 banks that published new rates, 11 have reduced their interest rates, while six have kept them unchanged. The banks maintaining their previous rates include Agriculture Development Bank, Nepal Bank, Nepal Investment Mega Bank, Prabhu Bank, Siddhartha Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank Nepal.

Global IME Bank stands out with the most significant rate reduction, decreasing both individual and institutional fixed deposit rates by 1 percent.

Likewise, three banks — Nabil Bank, Machhapuchhre Bank, and Himalayan Bank — have increased their interest rates for Ashad. Himalayan Bank has made the most notable increases, raising individual fixed deposit rates by 0.75 percent and institutional fixed deposit rates by 1 percent, now offering a maximum of 8.25 percent on individual fixed deposits and 7% on institutional FD.

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