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Constitution amendment is not possible at behest of a single party: Gagan Thapa

Leader Gagan Thapa (file)

Biratnagar, July 11: Nepali Congress general-secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa has said that the constitution could not be amended just because a political party wants it.

Talking briefly to the media persons at Biratnagar Airport today, lawmaker Thapa said the constitution amendment would not be done in a manner that it will undermine the federal democratic republican system.

“The support and backing of all the political parties is required to correct the mistakes seen in course of implementation of the constitution over a period of 10 years,” he opined.

The NC general-secretary reiterated that the seven-point understanding reached between the top leaders of the CPN (UML) and the Nepali Congress would be abided by. According to him, the UML will lead the government in the first phase.

According to him, the NC’s work execution committee held extensive discussions on the seven-point agreement and the party has accepted it. He insisted that no one should take the written agreement lightly.

Nepali Congress central committee member Dr Shashanka Koirala said that the opposition should not be weak even though the Nepali Congress and CPN (UML) together form a national consensus government.

Stating that there are chances of the ruling side turning autocratic if the opposition were weaker, leader Koirala stressed on correcting the past mistakes, abiding the constitution in its letter and spirit. He said there would be no amendments on the fundamental spirit of the constitution. RSS #nepal

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