•      Sun Jul 21 2024

Construction of bridges sees progress in Jhapa-Sunsari section

Jhapa, June 27: The bridges under construction on the Jhapa-Sunsari section along the Madan Bhandari Highway have seen 85 percent financial progress and 90 percent physical progress.

According to Information Officer at Madan Bhandari Highway Planning Office, Subhash Kumar Dutta, 22 out of the 37 bridges under construction have been completed. The completed bridges are 40 to 400 meters long.

Out of the 15 bridges remaining to be completed, approach roads of only nine are yet to be constructed. The work has been halted for no permission to cut down trees in the forest area located in the construction sites.

He further informed that basis structures of six bridges are yet to be constructed. Bridges have been built over the rivers in Morang, Sunsari, Jhapa and Ilam, he shared.

The bridges have been constructed at Dale, Mugu, Khudum, Morange, Nusari, Sukhani rivulet, Sahadattasthal, Buddhisukhani, Tangting, Bayang Teli, Bijuwa, Bukuwa and Ratuwa rivulets.

Although the original structure of nine bridges has been completed, the hassles in getting permission for cutting down trees has made it difficult to construct the approach road, information officer Dutta said.

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