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Controversial transitional justice Bill in final stage: Minister Giri

Padam Giri

Parbat, March 25: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Padam Giri, has said the bill related to Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons has reached the final stage.

Addressing a programme organised at Mahashila rural municipality today, Minister Giri shared that the bill would be finalized soon.

He explained that it remains to forge consensus only on few points of the bill.

The Minister stressed, “Discussion was held in many phases on the bill among leaders of different political parties. Phase-wise discussion was also held in parliamentary committees. Although consensus was forged on most of the points, agreement will be forged on some remaining points after holding discussion.”

The political parties have agreed to bring the bill providing justice to victims, he added, stating that it would not take long time to table the bill in the parliament as it is in final phase.

The Law Minister expressed the view that legal literacy would be taken to village. Saying ignorance of law is not excuse, he mentioned that many people have suffered due to ignorance about the law.

Minister Giri stated that despite going for federalism, the pace of country’s development has stopped in lack of new laws, adding it was necessary to amend some laws.

Sharing that some of the bills tabled in the parliament have not been passed due to political instability, he pointed out the need of stable government in the country.

The Law Minister underlined that Civil Service Act and Education Act are in the phase of discussion, assuring the passage of the acts soon.

He expressed the view that the opposition party should support the government in laws formulation. #Nepal

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