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‘Country reported 70,000 new TB patients last year’

Ministry of Health and Population

Kathmandu, March 24: The country reported almost 70,000 new patients of tuberculosis in the fiscal year 2079/080 BS. According to the National Tuberculosis Centre, only 37,447 patients received treatment of the total 70,000 new patients reported in the year 2079/080 BS.

Likewise, the TB claims 18,000 lives in the country every year.

The information was shared today on the occasion of the World TB Day, which was marked across the country by organizing different events with the theme “Yes! We can end TB”.

Director of the Centre Dr Prajwal Shrestha said that the people aged 15 to 44 are more vulnerable to TB and the prevalence of TB is also among the senior citizens aged over 65.

Presently, the government is offering anti-TB medicines for free from 6,000 plus health institutions.

According to Director Shrestha, the country is implementing intervention programmes against TB as a part of ‘TB Free Nepal Campaign’ and the identification, diagnosis and treatment services have been implemented in 125 local levels.

The Government of Nepal has set a target to eradicate TB from the country by 2050. #Nepal

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