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Cybercrime cases in Nepal up by six fold in last five years

Kathmandu, March 9: In the last five years, cybercrime cases have increased six-fold. According to the Nepal Police Headquarters Cyber Bureau data, as many as 2,301 applications were received in the fiscal year 2076/77 BS, while 12,789 applications were recorded till March 7 of the current fiscal year.

Similarly, 3,906 applications were lodged in the fiscal year 2077/78; 4,686 in 2078/79 and 9,013 in 2079/80, the police headquarters shared.

According to the police, a total of 12,789 applications, including 164 from boys, 242 from girls, 5,703 from women, 6,177 from men and 503 from others have been received online till March 6 of the current fiscal year.

Superintendent of Police and spokesperson of cyber bureau, Deepak Raj Awasthi said number of cases of financial fraud has increased in the recent past among various forms of crimes such as online fraud, publishing obscene photos and videos on social media, using the names and pictures of other people and hacking websites.

The trend of cybercrime includes putting online technology by adding people’s faces to different types of nude pictures, publishing obscene photos and videos on social media, demanding ransom by taking control of all the information, opening a profile page using other people’s names and pictures on social media, hacking the websites of government and other organizations, and online fraud. #Nepal

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