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Defense Minister Khadka directs NA to evaluate threats to national security

Kathmandu, Feb 28: Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has said the Nepali Army (NA) should be capable to examine the challenges that can be surfaced before the national security due to domestic and foreign causes.

Addressing the ‘division chief coordinating meeting of NA’ that kicked off in the federal capital here Wednesday, DPM Shrestha made aware the security agencies that geopolitical position, strategy and competition of powerful states, and growing presence of neighbours, having diverse principles and system, in the world forum have added challenges before security.

The security agency must be focused on astute analysis of the unfolding situation and preparedness in the wake of activities waged internally by the cabals, and those willing to disrupt communal harmony. The meeting will be helpful to identify the measures to cope with the security threats, Khadka hoped.

He reminded that NA’s role is appreciated at national and international levels for its feat for the country and people by leveraging the limited means and resources at different times. NA has also got international repute for its top list among the security deployed in the peace keeping in various countries. The prompt search and rescue operation launched by NA after the Jajarkot earthquake which I witnessed gave me confidence of NA that it was full of professional capacity and integrity.

The NA was tasked to undertake projects including Kathmandu-Tarai expressway as per people’s expectation. NA could be given additional responsibility to carry out development projects in difficult and distant geographies, Defense Minister informed.

He expressed belief that all sides would be sensitive to conclude the projects on time.

On the occasion, Chief of Army Staffs, Prabhu Ram Sharma, viewed, in addition to the tasks mandated by the constitution and the National Security Policy, the NA is involved in nature conservation, disaster response, epidemic control, and establishment of world place. It is ready to cope with any sort of challenges including internal conflict and traditional security threats.

It is essential at present to address the traditional and non-traditional security threats, he said, adding that the meeting would be fruitful for learning and experience sharing on the issues of national security and stability.

The economic and social impacts of international issues Russia-Ukraine war and Israel-Hamas war seem reflection of globalization. #Nepal

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