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Dialysis service at Mahakali Hospital soon

Mahendranagar, April 1: Preparations are in final stage for the operation of dialysis service at Mahakali Provincial Hospital in Kanchanpur.

Krishnananda Bhatta, Chairman of the Hospital Management Committee, said that the hospital administration has prepared the physical structure and human resources for the operation of dialysis services. “The team including the director of the Department of Health Service has been monitoring”, Chairman Bhatta said, “They are preparing to operate the service from next week.” He informed that the Department is providing training hospital staff for dialysis services.

Earlier, due to lack of budget and the Department of Health Services did not allow the operation of dialysis, the service could not be operated. “We have purchased a machine at a cost of around Rs. 10 million”, he said, “We are now preparing to operate the service in two phases.”

Dr Arjun Bhatta, Medical Superintendent of Mahakali Provincial Hospital, said that preparations are being made for the operation of services in the hospital. “There was also a budget cut from the federal government and there was a delay in getting the permission from the department”, said Dr. Bhatta, “Now the state government has also provided support.”

The kidney patients of Mahakali Hospital are complaining that they have to face problems due to lack of dialysis services. “Dialysis is available only in Seti Hospital in Dhangadhi, it is difficult to get a turn due to the pressure of patients there”, said local Gopal Joshi, “We are forced to go to India for treatment.” He said that many patients here will feel comfortable if they get service at Mahakali Hospital.

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