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‘Economic revolution only after political revolution steer country to prosperity’

Dr Baburam Bhattarai (file photo)

Kathmandu, Nepal, Dec 30: Former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhatarai said the countries achieving higher level of progress through economic prosperity had first accomplished political revolution.

At the academia industry gathering hosted by the Kathmandu University at Dhulikhel on Friday, Nepal’s economic development agendas have been relegated when political revolution did not steer to the right path.

He urged the new generation to engage their efforts in creativity rather than indulging in abusing political workers and party leaders.

Noting that instability of political and democratic system was the main cause behind Nepal’s laggard status in development, Dr Bhattarai said it was a matter of glory to come to the status of federal democratic republic today through political revolution.

“Democratic stability is a must in today’s context when capital, technology and labour among others have been globalized”, he said.

Former Finance Minister Surendra Pandey said education sector was the largest industry in Nepal arguing the need of establishing academic institutions for progress and spurring education sector budget.

Noting that the universities should elevate their existing quality, he recommended the universities to actively expand their market reach.

KU’s Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Bhola Thapa said the entire team of the university has engaged efforts for making wider publicity about the educational programmes being taught here.

He stressed the need to change tendency of putting pressure for student admission expressing surprise that no agency or actor has never asked for the specific human resource in job industry.

“The country can be taken to the pathway to prosperity through job creation which is possible only in collaboration among the educational institutions, industry and government”, Thapa added.

Also speaking on the occasion, Vice-Chairperson of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Surkrishna Baidhya commented that the country could not move to the economic revolution due to policy problems. Economic revolution sans industrial revolution is not possible he argued, calling for placing emphasis on promoting industrial sector and boosting confidence of industrialists.

KU’s Registrar Prof Dr Achyut Wagle said the political parties should also emphatically incorporate the idea of academia industry in their manifestoes. “Education, family life and nation’s development are deeply interconnected”, he said.

Director-General of the Department of Industry, Baburam Gautam said the ministry was mooting measures such as software development, er-commerce related policy and other laws drafting for reforms in industrial sector.

Coordinator of KU Department of Academia Industry Collaboration, Dr Ram Lama shared that the KU has implemented special research and innovation programmes in the areas of technology, green energy and employment promotion.

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